Important Information

  • The new Lightning Football Visor WILL NOT fit Lacrosse Helmets. We will soon release the SHOC Thunder Lacrosse Visor. The first visor made specifically for lacrosse.
  • The normal iridium SHOC Visor and the smoke SHOC Visor lenses are tinted at 40% light transmittance. They may be a bit dark for night play depending on the field lighting conditions, so we recommend our SHOC Visor in Clear, Clear Mirror and our SHOC exclusive release Clear Iridium colors for low light conditions.
  • Please consult your local league rules/coach to determine if visors are game legal for the league you participate in. We will NOT refund if you have not done so. Just because a tinted Visor is not legal for games does not necessarily mean you couldn’t wear a tinted SHOC visor for practice, camps, club teams etc. If a tinted visor is not for you then please consider our Clear SHOC Visor we do not believe you will find a better-quality visor in the market.
  • We have tried to represent each color visor as close as possible to real life in our photos. But due to differences in coating batches, variations in computer monitor and lighting conditions we can not guarantee the exact same color as seen in the photos.