Certifications + Improvements

The SHOC 3.0 Lacrosse Visors have been certified to be almost 100% distortion-free. This allows you to see the action of the game perfectly clear and keep your eyes on the ball.

The SHOC 3.0 Lacrosse visor is manufactured from Shatterproof Molded Poly-carbonate. The resulting lens offers you Excellent UV protection from the elements.

The New Design is not as large as the 1.0 and fits Lacrosse helmets properly. This allows the player to have Maximum tilt on their helmet. Having tilt is very important as it creates a correct angle as the helmet manufacturer intended. The Visors are concave shape and conform closer to the bars so that the player has maximum space from their face to the visor. Both of these factors contribute to providing better anti-fog and cooling.